Autonomous Intersection Management for Semi-Autonomous Vehicles (2015)
Tsz-Chiu Au, Shun Zhang and Peter Stone
Recent advances in autonomous vehicle technology will open the door to highly efficient transportation systems in the future, as demonstrated by Autonomous Intersection Management, an intersection control protocol designed for fully autonomous vehicles. We, however, anticipate there will be a long transition period during which most vehicles have some but not all capabilities of fully autonomous vehicles. This paper introduces a new protocol called Semi-Autonomous Intersection Management, which allows vehicles with partially-autonomous features such as adaptive cruise control to enter an intersection from different directions simultaneously. Our experiments show that this protocol can greatly decrease traffic delay when most vehicles are semi-autonomous. Our incremental deployment study reveals that traffic delay keeps decreasing as more and more vehicles employ features of autonomy.
In Handbook of Transportation, May 2015.

Tsz-Chiu Au Postdoctoral Alumni chiu [at] cs utexas edu
Peter Stone Faculty pstone [at] cs utexas edu