Released 1994

This package contains the C-code and data for training and testing the DISLEX model of the lexicon, which is also part of the DISCERN story processing system. DISLEX consists feature maps for lexical symbols and of word meanings, and associative connections between them that translate between symbols and meanings. DISLEX includes a "real-time" X11 graphics display for visualization and debugging and routines for collecting performance statistics throughout training and testing. For more details, see the Subsymbolic NLP book, or a DISLEX paper.

Even though DISLEX was developed as part of DISCERN, it itself can serve as a starting point for various experiments in modular connectionist NLP architectures. It includes code for self-organizing feature maps and Hebbian associative connections that form many-to-many mappings between maps. There are also general routines for managing the simulation, collecting performance statistics, and visualizing the feature map organization and associative connections on a "real-time" X11 graphics display.

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v1.0 10/3/91 risto  

- HP Starbase graphics version (called lex)  

v2.0 9/21/94 risto  

- X11 graphics  

- data and simulation management rewritten  

v2.0.1 1/8/97 risto  

- fixed color allocation bug (screens with more than 256 colors)  

v2.0.2 9/27/98 risto  

- fixed "within" statistics bug  

v2.1 1/3/99 risto  

- added the phonological map simulation data

Swathi Kiran Collaborator kirans [at] bu edu
Risto Miikkulainen Faculty risto [at] cs utexas edu
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