Transforming Meaning Representation Grammars to Improve Semantic Parsing (2008)
A semantic parser learning system learns to map natural language sentences into their domain-specific formal meaning representations, but if the constructs of the meaning representation language do not correspond well with the natural language then the system may not learn a good semantic parser. This paper presents approaches for automatically transforming a meaning representation grammar (MRG) to conform it better with the natural language semantics. It introduces grammar transformation operators and meaning representation macros which are applied in an error-driven manner to transform an MRG while training a semantic parser learning system. Experimental results show that the automatically transformed MRGs lead to better learned semantic parsers which perform comparable to the semantic parsers learned using manually engineered MRGs.
In Proceedings of the Twelfth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL-2008), pp. 33--40, Manchester, UK, August 2008.

Rohit Kate Postdoctoral Alumni katerj [at] uwm edu