NEAT Delphi
Released 2003
The Delphi NEAT package contains Delphi source code for the NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies method (see the original NEAT C++ package). It includes implementations of experiments for XOR, pole balancing, artificial ant, obstacle avoidance, and symbolic regression. Windows executables are included with animated demos for each experiment. For more information and screenshots of Delphi NEAT, please visit Mattias Fagerlund's Delphi NEAT Page.

For answers to common questions about the NEAT method, refer to our NEAT Users Page .

Delphi NEAT and its five included experiments were written by Mattias Fagerlund based on the NEAT method by Kenneth Stanley. Please direct bug reports to Please contact for other comments, including ideas or plans for expanding the open source software.

v1.0 12/23/03 fagerlund

Kenneth Stanley Postdoctoral Alumni kstanley [at] cs ucf edu
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