Prolog and ASP Inference Under One Roof (2013)
Marcello Balduccini, Yuliya Lierler, Peter Schueller
Answer set programming (ASP) is a declarative programming paradigm stemming from logic programming that has been successfully applied in various domains. Despite amazing advancements in ASP solving, many applications still pose a challenge that is commonly referred to as grounding bottleneck. Devising, implementing, and evaluating a method that alleviates this problem for certain application domains is the focus of this paper. The proposed method is based on combining backtracking-based search algorithms employed in answer set solvers with SLDNF resolution from Prolog. Using Prolog inference on non-ground portions of a given program, both grounding time and the size of the ground program can be substantially reduced.
In Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning 2013.

Yuliya Lierler Ph.D. Alumni ylierler [at] unomaha edu