Clifford Saron
Formerly affiliated Collaborator
Cliff is an Associate Research Scientist in the Center for Mind and Brain at University of California, Davis. We have collaborated on analysis and computational modeling of EEG recordings in meditation and autism. He was also a co-advisor for Manish Saggar's dissertation.
Intensive training induces longitudinal changes in meditation state-related EEG oscillatory activity 2012
Manish Saggar, Brandon G King, Anthony P Zanesco, Katherine A MacLean, Stephen R Aichele, Tonya L Jacobs, David A Bridwell, Phillip R Shaver, Erika L Rosenberg, Baljinder K Sahdra, Emilio Ferrer, Akaysha C Tang, George R Mangun, B Alan Wallace, Risto Miikkulainen, and Clifford D Saron, Frontiers in Human NeuroscienceAmishi P Jha (Eds.), Vol. 6, 00256 (2012).
Formerly affiliated with Neural Networks