Relating Two Dialects of Answer Set Programming (2018)
The input language of the answer set solver clingo is based on the definition of a stable model proposed by Paolo Ferraris. The semantics of the ASP-Core language, developed by the ASP Standardization Working Group, uses the approach to stable models due to Wolfgang Faber, Nicola Leone, and Gerald Pfeifer. The two languages are based on different versions of the stable model semantics, and the ASP-Core document requires, ``for the sake of an uncontroversial semantics,'' that programs avoid the use of recursion through aggregates. In this paper we prove that the absence of recursion through aggregates does indeed guarantee the equivalence between the two versions of the stable model semantics, and show how that requirement can be relaxed without violating the equivalence property.
In Working Notes of the 17th International Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning 2018.

Amelia Harrison Ph.D. Alumni ameliaj [at] cs utexas edu
Vladimir Lifschitz Faculty vl [at] cs utexas edu