AInix: An open platform for natural language interfaces to shell commands (2019)
This report discusses initial work on the AInix Platform. This platform is designed to allow developers to add natural language interfaces to Unix-like shell commands. This can be used with the aish shell, which allows users to intermix natural language with shell commands. We create a high-level way of specifying semantic parsing grammars and collect a dataset of basic shell commands. We experiment with seq2seq models, abstract syntax networks (ASN), and embedded nearest neighbor-based models. We find highest accuracy is achieved with seq2seq models and ASN’s. While not as accurate, we find that when embedders are pretrained on large-scale code-related text, nearest neighbor models can achieve decent performance.
Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Computer Science Department, University of Texas at Austin.

David Gros Undergraduate Alumni david gros [at] utexas edu