A Reading of Happiness and the Art of Being

On the web site http://www.happinessofbeing.com/ under the URL http://www.happinessofbeing.com/happiness_art_being.html is the book Happiness and the Art of Being by Michael James.

At the URL http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~boyer/Happiness_and_the_Art_of_Being 1.mp3 is an mp3 file that is a 25 hour long reading of that book.

The program used to generate the mp3 file was /usr/bin/say on a Mac mini.

The Introduction begins at about 4:23, that is, about 4 minutes and 23 seconds into the mp3 file. Before that comes the front matter, including the Table of Contents.

A reading of the Index has been omitted.

The reading of each page number and page heading has been moved forward, if necessary, to the next paragraph break to avoid disrupting the reading of a paragraph.

Posted with the permission of the author, Michael James.

A few typographic errors identified by the author have been fixed.