Other references

Other references

Advice to systems researchers


  • Amin Vahdat's WebOS class at Duke
  • Web Operating Systems (dahlin)
  • Tom anderson's webos course
  • Conferences/Papers

    Tutorials and references

  • References for Classics of Data Networks
  • Stanford Systems Quals papers, OS reading listmore
  • The Queueing Theory Tutor
  • Tutorial for the Network Simulator 'ns'
  • What is a periodicity transform?
  • Traces

  • Large traces of DEC's firewall proxy--Aug 29, 1996 - Sept 22, 1996; 1.3M references per day
  • BU Client traces
  • Berkeley traces
  • Collection of web traces
  • Virginia collection of traces
  • Squid cache profile info
  • Inktomi/Sun benchmark
  • Network Traffic Archive
  • : Including LBL-CONN-7 - 30 days of wide-area TCP connections, WorldCup98 - 1.3 billion Web requests recorded at servers for the 1998 World Cup. , a day of HTTP logs from several "busy" WWW servers, two weeks of HTTP logs from a busy Internet service provider WWW server, NPD-Routes - Two datasets of repeated Internet route measurements, ... AND MORE ...
  • Daily dumps of the Sanitized access logs from the seven or so Squid regional caches.


    Tools, Tool kits, and simulators

  • A fun tool. Test the cachability of a page here (and learn the tricky ways different sites do cache busting).
  • Network topology generator for simulations
  • UCB/LBNL/VINT Network Simulator - ns
  • C++ network programming toolkit
  • QLinux: linux + quality of service
  • http://www.cs.utah.edu/flux/testbed/ University of Utah Network Testbed and Emulation Facility