David Weber

David Weber has been writing basically military science fiction. His currently published novels fall into four categories, as do his forthcoming books.

Honor Harrington Series

This series is essentially a science fiction version of a Napoleonic Fighting Sail series, in the manner of Horatio Hornblower, and others. Weber has gone to a great deal of trouble to incorporate all of the wonders of 18th Century naval warfare, including broadsides, bow and stern chasers, and sails. The first novel even features a chase somewhat reminiscent of Hornblower chasing the Natividad off the coast of South America in (I'm drawing a blank on the title here). The protagonist is Honor Harrington, a (space) naval officer with a treecat "familiar/companion."
  1. On Basilisk Station
  2. The Honor of the Queen
  3. The Short Victorious War
  4. Field of Dishonor
  5. Flag in Exile
  6. Honor Among Enemies
  7. Honor 7 (forthcoming)

Mutineer's Moon Series

  1. Mutineer's Moon
  2. The Armageddon Inheritance
  3. Heirs of Empire

The Starfire Universe

This series, or universe, relates significant events in the future history established as the background for the Starfire game universe. While not direct sequels in the usual sense (the characters are not the same), they do belong to the same chronology, although they need not be read in order. They are co-authored with Steve White .

  1. Crusade
  2. Insurrection


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