Honor Among Enemies

This series entry is a little different than its predecessors in that it sees Honor shuffled off into a backwater that really is a backwater (as opposed to Basilisk Station ) and focuses more on other characters. I also got a real sense of deja vu with respect to Alexander Kent and Bolitho , in particular To Glory We Steer . The changed focus is also reminiscent of that book as well. In each, we follow an essentially "pressed" enlisted man who runs afoul of mutinous guardroom dregs dumped on our hero by fate. Honor Among Enemies is also interesting in that it addresses some of the issues that have been commented on on the net. The reactions of the officers chosen to serve with Honor are on the order of "Goody, now we can be covered in glory and get promoted" while the aforementioned guardroom dregs just know "we're all gonna die," as seen on rasw. Also there are a few strategy lessons as to why one side or the other doesn't end the Haven-Manticore war by using "fractional cee bombardment" (as threatened in Flag in Exile ) (the logistics are too hard plus presumably the feared Solarian League reaction from The Honor of the Queen ). We also get to see a lady treecat and Silesia and the Andermann Empire.

Oh, and all the usual hopelessly-out-gunned-but-eventually-triumphant-at-horrible-cost Honor Harrington action we have come to expect. Lots of fun. Enjoy.

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Douglas Stuart