CS 2073 Section 2, Fall 1997
Computer Programming with Engineering Applications

This is the World Wide Web page for CS 2073, section 2, Fall 1997. It contains several links to important information about the course. The contents of this page will change over the course of the semester; be sure to reload this page often (click Reload in Netscape or Mosaic, or CTRL-R in lynx). If you are unfamiliar with using the Web, select the underlined or highlighted word "introduction" in the paragraph below (click the left mouse button while the pointer is over the word in Netscape, or use the arrow keys to highlight the word and press RETURN in lynx). This will start you off on how to use the Web and other computer systems at UTSA.

Read my introduction to using computers at UTSA for information about how to use the web browsers, read and post news, compile programs, and get Linux software so you can do all that stuff and more at home.

Here is the syllabus for the course. It contains a description of the course, including how much each test is worth and so forth.

Notice: Our midterm exam will be on or about October 16, 1997. Let me know as soon as possible of any conflicts with this date so we can discuss it.

Here are the assignments for the course. Look here for more assignments in the future. Note: Late programs are not accepted. Late progress reports are not accepted. You are given enough time to do the assignments if you start early. Your lowest program and progress report grades will be dropped, so if you have an emergency and can't complete an assignment, your grade will not be affected. If you have two emergencies, bring me documentation and we'll talk.

See last semester's first and second exams for CS1713, a class with similar subject matter, along with their solutions, for an idea of what to expect on the exams.

See the instructor's lecture notes for selected classes:

Our class newsgroup is utsa.cs.2073.d . Go there for discussion of our class, and contribute if you like. You can also use the Unix program trn to read the newsgroup. (You can only read this newsgroup from a UTSA machine.)

The newsgroup comp.lang.c is a place you can follow discussions about the C language. Read the comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions list for answers to many of your questions about C. The newsgroup is distributed world-wide, so if you post an article there, it is likely people as far away as Singapore, Australia, The United Kingdom, or even Vidor, Texas will see it.

Here is UTSA's official Web page . Read the Calendar of Events for information about dropping and adding classes. Remember, Wednesday, October 24, 1997 is the last day to drop a class and receive an automatic grade of W.

See the Division of Computer Science Web page for information about CS at UTSA.

Find here some sample C programs you can compile and run from your account. Note that some of them may require the -lm option to cc.

For some fun with vi, see The Vi Lovers' Home Page

For some time-wasting fun, see the Hacker's Wisdom Web page for some C programming humor.

This page was put together by the instructor, Daniel Jimenez (djimenez@ringer.cs.utsa.edu).