Alan Cline and Elaine Rich

Elaine and Alan  
0.   Welcome


1.   Introduction


suggestion box  
2.   Concrete Examples: Ethics on the Job


Challenger explosion  
3.   The Challenger Explosion


Conceptual muddles and policy vacuums  
4.   Conceptual Muddles and Policy Vacuums


The Golden Rule  
5.   The Golden Rule


John Stuart Mill  
6.   Ethical Frameworks - Utilitarianism


Expected value computation  
7.   Implementing Utilitarianism - Expected Value


Prisoner's Dilemma  
8.   Implementing Utilitarianism - The Prisoner's Dilemma


Model T  
9.   Implementing Utilitarianism - Unintended Consequences


Immanuel Kant  
10.   Deontological Theories and Kant's Categorical Imperative


Gideon Ariely giving a TED talk  
11.   Dan Ariely: Predictably Irrational - Why Do People Cheat?


Immanuel Kant  
12.   Algorithmic Bias


child at a computer  
13. Ethics and You