CS341  Automata Theory
Elaine Rich

Academic Integrity

All students in this class will be held to the highest standard of academic honesty and integrity. You should read CS Department Code of Conduct. The policies described there will be followed in this class.

The sections that follow elaborate on the academic integrity policy described there and provide the specifics of what is expected in this class.

Homeworks You are encouraged to form a study group and to work with other students on the homework assignments. But it is important that each student understand how to solve each problem. Therefore, you may work together to figure out how to do a problem. But each student must write up the solutions independently and turn in his own work with his own name on it.

Note that this policy means that you may not turn in something that is nearly identical to someone else's.

In addition, note that this policy is intended to encourage group study sessions. However, it is not intended to allow you to get someone else to do your work for you. In particular, you may not turn in solutions that you got from someone who took the class in a previous semester. Nor may you turn in solutions based on handouts from the instructor in previous semesters. Any work you turn in must be yours.

Anyone who turns in homework solutions that violate this policy will fail the class.

Quizzes Quizzes will be handed out in class and will be due at the next class meeting. The only way to collect a quiz is to be present in class and the only way to turn in a quiz is to come to class. You may not collect or submit a quiz for anyone else nor may you ask someone else to collect or submit a quiz for you.

Exams The penalty for any form of cheating on an exam will be an F in the class and a cheating report to the Dean of Students Office.