CS 343  Artificial Intelligence
Elaine Rich


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Course Description   Artificial Intelligence is the study of how to make computers do things at which, at the moment, people are better. In this course we will look at what those things are, why they are hard for computers, what techniques we do have available for getting computers to do them, and what the future seems likely to hold.

Texts   The required text book for this class will be: Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach: Second Edition, Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Prentice-Hall, 2003. There is a website for the text as well.

A substantial part of this course will be devoted to representing and reasoning with knowledge. I recommend the following supplementary text for an outstanding treatment of this area: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Ronald Brachman and Hector Levesque, Morgan Kaufmann, 2004.

I've also compiled an AI reading list, based on suggestions from the AI group here at UT. Many of the books deal with big-picture issues including whether genuine AI is possible and what we would do with it if we had it. You may find some of them interesting.