Game Project One


Game Project 1:

Racquetsports game

Assigned: Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012
Due: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 (before 11:59pm)

Project Description

You are going to work with a small team of people to build a networked multiplayer indoor racquetsports style ball game. The game will run on the department's 64bit Linux machines (run the command cshosts kol64 on any cs lab machine to see the names of the machines you can use for this) and will use Ogre as the graphics engine. Optionally it may run on other platforms as well, but that is not part of the assignment per se.

This game will involve the use of a 3-D engine, a 3-D physics library, sound and gui libraries, and a networking system. You will develop a GUI for managing the game and providing user feedback such as scoring information, and you will develop sound effects appropriate for your game.

You will begin by making a simple environment with a ball bouncing around in a 3-D room. This will be extended to a single player game with scoring that will be much like handball, racquetball, or squash, but for only one player. The next major expansion will be to make the game multiplayer over the net. This will also open up options for making it into a tennis or badminton like game rather than one played in a room.

Your game project will be broken up into a series of milestones given as separate assignments, these will be due about two weeks apart and will be individually graded in addition to the grade you will get for the final game. Some of these assignments will involve you working by yourself, but most of them will involve work with your team. In the latter case, you will need to be explicit about the division of labor among team members for your own progress' sake and so that we can assign grades that reflect each students' accomplishments.


  1. Assignment 1-Getting started
    Due Feb. 7
  2. Assignment 2-Single player game
    Due Mar. 6
  3. Assignment 3-Multiplayer extension
    Due Apr. 10

Note: The image above is from a game that used an earlier version of Ogre3d
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