Hispanic Association of Computer Scientists

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The Hispanic Association of Computer Scientists (HACS) is an organization that aims to empower and provide support for Hispanic students in computer science through academic, professional, and social events.

Familias Program (scoreboard)

Challenge Point Value
visit a major Austin attraction 20
visit a restaurant you haven't been to 15
attend a talk/company event on campus 10
have a double date with another familia 10
grocery shopping! 10
study/HW 5
other? (impress us!) TBD


Student Officers

Type Name E-mail
Presidents Sabrina Herrero moc.liamg@321orerrehanirbas
Jaime Muñoz moc.liamg@znumemiaj
Social Adriana Ixba moc.liamg@anairdaabxi
Cristian Martinez moc.liamg@debucsirc
Finance Ben Olea ude.saxetu@aeloneb
Jesus Palos moc.liamg@solapr.susej
Corporate Christian Gonzalez ude.saxetu@derzelaznogc
Outreach Javier Banda moc.liamg@11adnabreivaj
Matias Fragoso ude.saxetu@osogarfm

Faculty Advisor

Name E-mail Location
Glenn Downing ude.saxetu.sc@gninwod GDC 6.308