Large-Scale Data Mining

CS 395T/CAM 395T

CS Unique No. 51085 / CAM Unique No. 61210

Course Announcement

Spring 2001
M-W 4:00-5:30pm
ENS 126

Professor: Inderjit Dhillon (send email)
Office: ACES 2.332
Office Hours: Wed 11am-noon

TA: Yuqiang Guan (send email)
Phone: 232-7420
Office Hours: Mon 3-4pm in PAI 3.04N


  • Course Information (contains grading information) handed out on Jan 17.
  • Class Survey, Jan 17.
  • Course Schedule


    Reading List for Student Presentations

    Tools, Datasets & Resources

    Class Projects

  • see last year's projects
  • Related Courses

  • Univ of Minnesota's CSci 8363, Numerical Linear Algebra in Data Exploration, Spring 2001.
  • Stanford's CS 349, Data Mining, Search, and the World Wide Web, Fall 1998.
  • UC Berkeley's CS 294-7, Large Datasets, Fall 1999.
  • UT Austin ECE course EE 380L, A Practicum in Data Mining, Fall 1999.
  • Princeton's CIS 700/702, Information Retrieval, ?.