This workshop will provide professional development for approximately 50 graduate students and early-career researchers and faculty (2 to 4 years from graduation) in under-represented groups with research interests in programming languages, operating systems, and architecture. Through technical panel sessions with academic and industry leaders, as well as other informal activities, the workshop will provide mentoring for students and faculty as they get started with their careers. The workshop is one in the series of area specific CRA-W/CDC mentoring workshops with a technical focus sponsored by CRA-W and CDC.

There will be no charge for the workshop. (We have partial funding and are seeking donations for the remainder.) Students will be reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses.

The workshop will include a poster session, research panels, advice on internships, fellowship applications, and a technical writing practicum. Each participant will present a research poster. Panel topics will cover research trends in programming languages, operating systems, architecture, and systems research that crosses these boarders.

We are seeking further support. Please contact the organizers with any questions or to donate support: Hillery C Hunter, Dilma M Da silva, and Kathryn S McKinley.