CS 395T
Spring 2009
Unique number : 54420
Computation Orchestration

Instructor J. Misra
office: TAY 3.102
email: misra@cs.utexas.edu
phone: 471-9550
office hours: by appointment
Class MW 11:00-12:30 in TAY 3.144
Class Webpage TBA
Course Organization This course will cover Orc, my research project. Orc provides powerful primitives for web services orchestration, workflow and concurrent program composition. The home page of Orc is at http://orc.csres.utexas.edu . I will cover the language and theory of Orc, its implementation and potential uses in developing applications. There is no textbook; I will hand out the relevant materials ahead of the class. I will lecture for the first half of the course, there will be a few guest lecturers and you will lecture for the remaining part.

There is no final exam. You will have to do a project, write a report and give a lecture. Choose a topic (out of a set I will give) and a date for your lecture.
1.  Please prepare class handouts, including references to relevant literature, before your lecture.

2.  You will be graded by your fellow students on the quality of your presentation and the handout.

3.  Class attendance is mandatory (remember you have to grade all your fellow students).

4.  Your grade depends on your contributions during class discussions and your lecture, as well as the quality of work in your project.