The following is a list of the notes on UNITY that are available electronically. All are in PDF. These files are for non commercial redistribution only. They may not be altered in any form without permission from the authors.

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  1. General Conjunction and Disjunction Rules for unless J. Misra 9/14/88
  2. A Theorem About Dynamic Acyclic Graphs J. Misra 9/13/88
  3. A Composition Theorem About Fixed Points J. Misra 9/14/88
  4. A Theorem Relating leads-to and unless J. Misra 12/20/88
  5. Progress--Safety--Safety J. Misra 4/20/89
  6. Leads-to and program union A. Singh 6/20/89
  7. On Strengthening the Guard A. Singh 6/20/89
  8. Functions Preserved by unless/ leads-to J. Misra 6/16/89
  9. Proving unless Properties by Parts J. Misra 6/19/89
  10. Monotonicity, Stability and Constants J. Misra 12/16/89
  11. The Importance of Ensuring J. Misra 1/11/90
  12. Phase Synchronization J. Misra 1/31/90
  13. A Family of 2-process Mutual Exclusion Algorithms J. Misra 2/8/90
  14. Soundness of the Substitution Axiom J. Misra 3/2/90
  15. Auxiliary Variables J. Misra 7/10/90
  16. Proving Progress For Program Sequencing J. Misra 7/10/90
  17. Preserving Progress Under Program Composition J. Misra 7/17/90
  18. A Specialization of detects J. Misra 7/17/90
  19. More on Strengthening the Guard J. Misra 7/17/90
  20. Examples of Program Construction Using UNITY E. Knapp 10/29/90
  21. Stable Conjunction J. Misra 10/31/90
  22. A Correction on Note 13 A. Dappert-Farquhar 12/90
  23. Three Definitions of leads-to for UNITY J. Pachl 12/3/90 (This note is currently unavailable)
  24. On a Notion of Completeness for the Leads-to J.R. Rao 7/15/91 (This note is currently unavailable)
  25. Completion Theorem Revisited J. Misra 7/26/91
  26. Using Prefix Computation to Add J . Misra 8/8/91
  27. Methodological Hints About Constructing unless Properties J. Misra 12/19/91
  28. A Program-Composition Theorem Involving Fixed-Point J. Misra 12/19/91 (This Note Subsumes Note 03.)
  29. A Generalization of the Completion Theorem J. Misra 12/20/91
  30. More on detects and trails J. Misra 12/20/91
  31. How to reason with Strong-fairness and No-fairness J. Misra 7/2/92
  32. Proof of a Real-Time Mutual-Exclusion Algorithm John Allen Carruth & J Misra 9/10/92
  33. More on Tracks J. Misra 5/8/00
  34. Another Theorem on Strengthening the Guard J. Misra 2/27/04 (Also see Notes on UNITY, 19, ``More on Strengthening the Guard''.)
  35. Union Theorem over Progress Properties: Lifting Rule J. Misra, Dec. 18, 2015