Grading Criteria for Programming Assignments

A. Program Design (25%)
Rating Criteria
25 Solution well thought out
15 Solution partially planned out
05 ad hoc solution; program "designed at the keyboard"

B. Program Execution (20%)
Rating Criteria
20 Program runs correctly
12 Program produces correct output half of the time
04 Program runs, but mostly incorrectly
0 Program does not compile or run at all

C. Specification Satisfaction (25%)
Rating Criteria
25 Program satisfies specification completely and correctly
15 Many parts of the specification not implemented
05 Program does not satisfy specification

D. Coding Style (20%)
Rating Criteria
20 Well-formatted, understandable code; appropriate use of language capabilities
12 Code hard to follow in one reading; poor use of language capabilites
04 Incomprehensive code, appropriate language capabilites not used

E. Comments (10%)
Rating Criteria
10 Concise, meaningful, well- formatted comments
06 Partial, poorly written or poorly formatted comments
04 Wordy, unnecessary, incorrect, or badly formatted comments
0 No comments at all

F. Extra Credit (10%) We will specify the Extra Credit portion (if there is any) in the assignment statement. Do not assume that every assignment will have an Extra Credit section.
Rating Criteria
04 Programs that usefully extend the requirements
03 Programs that use a particularly good algorithm
03 Programs that are particularly well written or use the capabilities of the language particularly well