Internet Service at the Conference

Internet Access at the hotel during the conference: If you are staying at the Westin Bayshore, they do offer in-room internet access but this is fairly expensive (at about $25 CDN per day). We have negotiated a flat rate of $25 per person for the entire duration of your stay if you "purchase" a password at the registration desk. This password will provide you with internet access throughout the conference area but will most likely not work in your room(s). Those of you not staying at the Westin Bayshore may also purchase a password for access to the internet while you are at the conference venue. Since we will not be providing an actual email room with computers, please bring your own machine if you will need to check your email and such. If you are a presenter, we will provide internet access within the meeting rooms for you to connect your laptop to a switcher that will have access (this does not mean the entire room will be freely accessable to the internet--this will only be for the presenters). However, presenters, as others, will need to purchase a password should they wish to check email and have wireless access when not presenting.