CHILLIN is an ILP system which integrates top-down search (a la FOIL), bottom-up search (a la GOLEM) and predicate invention (a la CHAMP). It has been used as the induction algorithm underlying the CHILL natural-language parser learning system.

The CHILLIN Prolog code is available via anonymous ftp. See the INDEX file here for details. Pointers to papers on CHILLIN and CHILL can be found on our ILP research page. Below is the standard reference (click on the open book image).

  • Combining Top-Down And Bottom-Up Techniques In Inductive Logic Programming
    John M. Zelle, Raymond J. Mooney and Joshua B. Konvisser
    Proceedings of the Eleventh International Workshop on Machine Learning, pp. 343-351, Rutgers, NJ, July 1994. (ML-94)

    This paper describes a new method for inducing logic programs from examples which attempts to integrate the best aspects of existing ILP methods into a single coherent framework. In particular, it combines a bottom-up method similar to GOLEM with a top-down method similar to FOIL. It also includes a method for predicate invention similar to CHAMP and an elegant solution to the ``noisy oracle'' problem which allows the system to learn recursive programs without requiring a complete set of positive examples. Systematic experimental comparisons to both GOLEM and FOIL on a range of problems are used to clearly demonstrate the advantages of the approach.