appendix d: sample annotated output

These are the first three results generated from the query in mobios-v0.9-examples/dna/

0: fragment: TCTCCTTTGTT source: >query1, offset: 0
fragment: TCTCCTCTGTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 89136
fragment: TCACCTTTGTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 97256
fragment: TCACCTTTGTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 70395
fragment: TCTCCTTTGTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 3130
1: fragment: CTCCTTTGTTT source: >query1, offset: 1
fragment: CACCTTTGTTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 70396
fragment: CTTCTTTGTTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 28861
fragment: CTCCTTTGTTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 3131
fragment: CTCCTTTCTTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 96187
2: fragment: TCCTTTGTTTT source: >query1, offset: 2
fragment: GCCTTTGTTTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 81664
fragment: TCCTTTGTTTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 3132
fragment: TCCTCTGTTTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 70523
fragment: TTCTTTGTTTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 28862
fragment: TCATTTGTTTT source: >CHR1v01212004, offset: 61219

The first line of each result specifies the query number, the fragment used to query the database, its source sequence, and the offset in the source.

The next several unnumbered lines give the query results. Each line specifies the matching fragment, its source sequences, and its offset in the source.

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