Using Eclipse for CS 371R:
Intelligent Information Retrieval and Web Search

This document describes how to get the class code and use it to start an Eclipse project. It assumes that you have used Eclipse before and that you are working on a CS lab, linux machine. The primary focus is on how to configure and run Eclipse for class project 0. We do not guarantee that you will be able to do everything in Eclipse for the later projects; however, it should always work well as a Java editor.

[A] Get the code:

[B] Start an Eclipse project

[C] Setup the environment

[D] Finish up and run it

For whatever reason, only text sent to System.out are captured by the output console. That means that your input will not appear in the log file. Fortunately, this is easy to get around. All user input go through the class: ir.utilities.UserInput. Open that file, find try...catch block in the readLine() method. Add System.out.println(input); just after the try...catch block, but before the input is returned. Now all data that are input, will immediately be output.