CS 371R:
Information Retrieval and Web Search


Raymond J. Mooney, office hours: Tu 11am-12pm, Thu 2-3pm (in person in GDC 3.806 or on Zoom by appointment via email)

Teaching Assistant

Ayush Kaushal, Office hours: Wednesday 11 am - 12 noon, Friday 10 am - 11 am, TA Station 4 or on Zoom.

Time and Place

Fall, 2022; TuTh 9:30-11:00 AM; GDC 5.302 (in-person, no Zoom option).

General Course Information


Introduction to Information Retrieval by Christopher D. Manning, Prabhakar Raghavan and Hinrich Schütze

Programming Projects


PowerPoint Presentations

  1. Introduction (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  2. Boolean and Vector-Space Retrieval Models (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  3. Basic Tokenizing, Indexing, and Implementation of Vector-Space Retrieval (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  4. Performance Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  5. Query Operations (Relevance Feedback / Query Expansion) (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  6. Text Properties and Languages (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  7. Web Search: Introduction (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  8. Web Search: Spidering (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  9. Web Search: Link Analysis (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  10. Automated Text Categorization (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  11. Language-Model Based Retrieval (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  12. Automated Text Clustering (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  13. Recommender Systems (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  14. Ethical Issues in IR (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
  15. Deep Learning (PowerPoint) (PDF) (PDF handout)
Guest Lecture by David Harwath on Visually Grounding Speech for Multimedia Rretrieval and Beyond (PDF)

Servlet Demos

Java Course Code

A jar file for the course Java code is available here.

JavaDoc for Course Code

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