ACL2 Installer for Windows

This program will install a complete ACL2 environment, including:

* ACL2 3.6 built on GCL
* GCL 2.6.7
* GNU Emacs 21.3
* Unix commands
* ACL2 sources
* Documentation
* Pre-certified books (with compiled files both for GCL)

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ACL2 3.6 installer

Installer Notes

We strongly recommend that you install ACL2 to the default location: C:\ACL2-3.6. This will allow you to take advantage of the pre-certified books provided by the installer. If you choose a different installation directory, see the instructions for installing in a non-standard location.

Compatibility with Older Versions

You should have little trouble installing this alongside older versions of ACL2 if you used previous versions of this installer. Essentially, everything here gets installed to C:\ACL2-3.6, whereas previous versions would have been installed to other folders, e.g., C:\ACL2-3.2 and so forth.

Mainly, be aware that your PATH variable will determine which version will be loaded when you type "acl2". You may wish to rename the acl2.exe programs to distinguish between versions, i.e., v32.exe and v31.exe, or something along those lines.

Tips for Using ACL2 in Windows

About These Installers

Source code for these installers is available under the GNU General Public License. It is quite easy to add new components, if for instance you have some extension to ACL2 that you would like to distribute for Windows systems. We may put up the sources later; for now, below is a link to the Version 3.4 installer sources.

Thanks to Jared Davis, Harsh Raju Chamarthi, David Rager, Alexander Spiridonov, and Peter Dillinger for all their work in making available the ACL2 Installer for Windows!