ACL2 Version 8.3 Images

Executable Images

Although the executable images below can be used as is, we strongly recommend that you first obtain the ACL2 sources. Then obtain images as explained below. Finally, you can then obtain the community books and certify all books by connecting to the acl2-sources/ directory and executing, for example
make regression ACL2=<your_ACL2_script>
or, if you have 8 hardware threads:
make -j 8 regression ACL2=<your_ACL2_script>
Additional images may appear on this site from time to time.

For the images below you should create executable wrapper scripts such as the ones shown, and you will need to run gunzip on the .gz file that you download.

NOTE: In some cases, you may be better served by downloading or creating a more recent underlying Lisp executable and then building ACL2 from sources (following the installation instructions).

Complete Packages:

Click here for information on complete packages. When available, they include everything you need; you do not need to download acl2.tar.gz if you download one of these.