CS 307: Study Guide for Exam 2

Date: Friday, November 2, 2001, in class.

All Material on Exam 1 Study Guide is Included for This Exam.


Hailperin, Chapter 8.


Run at least two of the exam2 lessons on the Scheme Tutor; print out your results and hand them in on the day of the exam. The Tutor contains previous exam questions to help you to prepare for the exam.

Lisp Topics:

Lisp Functions:

You should know the following Lisp functions. Be able to give the result for a simple call to each function.


Write Scheme programs for each of these:

Box Diagrams:

Convert between list structure and box diagrams (both ways).


You will be asked to write definitions for terms selected from the list below. Definitions are given at the back of the lecture notes.
access time              alist               array
ASCII                    association list    atom
binary search            binary tree         byte
Caesar cipher            case insensitive    case sensitive    
CD-ROM                   character           character code
code                     concatenation       cons cell
data abstraction         decryption          destructive operation
disk                     driver              dynamic    
element                  encapsulation       encryption
enumerate                file                functional programming
garbage                  hiding              I/O
index                    initialize          input/output    
interface                intersection        isomorphism
key                      mapping             nesting
polynomial               port                private
proper subset            public              public key    
public-key cryptosystem  read-only memory    ROM
runtime                  scalar              set
set difference           string              structure sharing    
subset                   substitution        substring
union                    vector              whitespace