CS 307: Final Exam Study Guide

Date: Friday, December 14, 2001, 9-12 AM in WAG 101.

Bring your Student ID to the exam.


Hailperin, Ch. 15. Class notes: all.


All terms defined in the back of the class notes.

Scheme Tutor:

There are some final lessons to help you to prepare for this exam. You should do them, but this should not be turned in and will not be graded.

Previous Material:

The Final Exam will be comprehensive and will include all material from the two midterm study guides.

Lisp Topics:

Lisp Functions:

You should know the following Lisp functions. Be able to give the result for a simple call to each function.

Lisp Programs:

The final exam will require writing several Lisp programs. The following ground rules will apply:

Here are some examples from previous exams:

Java Programs:

You should know how to write a simple Java program. Examples: