CS 307: Scheme Tutor

A Scheme Tutor program, written by Ms. Sowmya Ramachandran and Gordon Novak, is available on the computers in the CS 307 labs. The program files can also be downloaded from the FTP Directory for Software and Scheme Tutor . You should download all the files in the directory /tutor/ to the directory /Plt/ where DrScheme resides.

The purpose of the tutor is to provide practice with some of the basic Scheme functions. Most of the problems presented by the tutor are questions from previous exams, so running the tutorials will help you to make a better grade.

The tutor provides specific instruction for some of the more common errors. The program also has some tutorial text that can be displayed at any time.

To satisfy the assignments using the tutor, run the assigned lesson to completion, then print the interaction screen and hand it in to your discussion section TA.

To run the Scheme Tutor,

  1. Double-click on the icon for drtutor.scm in the directory /Plt/. After DrScheme starts up, click the green Execute arrow at the top; then follow the instructions in the Interactions window.

    If using MacGambit, load the file tutorial.scm .

  2. Select the desired lesson from the menu that is presented.

    (In MacGambit, remember that every answer given to the tutorial must be terminated by clover-return (hold down the ``clover'' key beside the space bar while pressing return). If you forget and hit return by itself (or if the computer just sits there and does not respond), do a clover-return to make it accept the answer.)

When the program presents a problem, you can give an answer; you can also give other commands:

  1. q will quit the lesson.
  2. info will give you a menu of topics on which tutorial information is available. You can select one of these to be displayed. After the tutorial information, the problem will be presented again. If you want more tutorial information, you can enter info again.
  3. (skip n) will skip forward over n questions, e.g. (skip 25).