Clicker Questions

2: What is the advantage of high-level languages?
3: motivation for union construct in C?
4: table lookup compared to a switch
5: A grammar is Context Free if
6: A grammar is Ambiguous if
7: What is not true of Regular languages
8: Which language is not Regular
9: parsing with Context Free Grammar produces
10: simplest regular expression
11: What is the meaning of a - b + c
12: Two grammars are equivalent if
13: Most operators in programming languages are
14: data structure needed to parse context-free
15: A shift-reduce conflict is
16: Declarations such as var x : real
17: double float not at address multiple of 8
18: Size of a record
19: cost and usefulness of records
20: Reverse Polish for A - B * C + D
21: array reference x[i][j] inside for loops
22: Dynamic type checking
23: Static type checking
24: Java immutable Integer argument
25: Java Integer ==
26: errors produced by the Link Editor
27: World's most popular CPU is