CS 378: Study Guide for Final Exam

Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2-5 PM on Canvas.

The exam is comprehensive. Material on the Midterm Study Guide is included.

  • Clojure:
  • Search:
  • Logic:
  • Program Synthesis:
  • Expert Systems:
  • Natural Language:
  • MapReduce:


    alist ambiguity
    anaphora augmented transition network (ATN)
    backquote Bayes' Theorem
    Bayesian network certainty factor
    chain rule (probability) Chomsky hierarchy
    constructive proof deductive composition
    domain theory ELIZA
    functional programming grammar
    grammatical ambiguity hidden Markov model
    lexical ambiguity lexicon
    low-pass filter map
    morphological analyzer morphology
    n-gram nonterminal
    overfitting PageRank
    parsing part of speech tagging
    pragmatics production
    propositional database reference
    ROC curve semantic grammar
    semantics shard
    side-effect syntax
    Sentence symbol terminal symbol
    training-set phenomenon Zipf's law