CS 381K: Program Files

The directory /projects/cs381k/ contains program files for this class. Some are for use with assignments; students may experiment with others as desired.

8pdisp.doc How to use 8pdisp
8pdisp.lsp AKCL Lisp version of 8pdisplay.lsp
8pdisp.lucid Lucid Lisp version of 8pdisplay.lucid
8pdisplay.lsp GLISP source for 8pdisp.lsp
8pdisplay.lucid GLISP source for 8pdisp.lucid
abtest.lsp Test of alphabeta.lsp
alphabeta.lsp Alpha-Beta search program
atn.lsp Augmented Transition Network starter file
bermuda.lsp Lisp efficiency test programs
db.lsp Database system for natural language exercise
deriv.lsp Symbolic differentiation starter file
dwtrans.o X window interface for xakcl
dwdoc.dvi Documentation of X window interface for xakcl
frame.lsp Simple frame system
hs.lsp Heuristic search functions, in GLISP
hstrans.lsp Translation of hs.lsp into Common Lisp
lispfns.lsp Some standard Lisp functions written in Lisp
macros.lsp A few useful Lisp macros: while, subset
mc.lsp GLISP version of Missionaries and Cannibals
mccomp.lsp Compiled version of mc.lsp
miscan.lsp Common Lisp version of Missionaries and Cannibals
oopexa.lsp Object-oriented programming exercise
oopexa.tst Test cases for oopexa.lsp
oops.lsp Small CLOS-like object-oriented programming system
patmatch.lsp Pattern matcher
planet.lsp Object-oriented programming exercise
reso.lsp Propositional calculus resolution
resob.lsp Propositional calculus resolution
sunify.lsp Simple unification algorithm
/isaac/ Subdirectory for ISAAC physics problem solver
isaac.readme How to run ISAAC
isaac.load File to load ISAAC into Lisp
/tmycin/ Subdirectory for TMYCIN expert system shell
tmycin.lsp TMYCIN code
snakes.lsp Small expert system to identify Texas snakes
rocks.lsp Very small expert system to identify rocks

Gordon S. Novak Jr.