Amaze for Algernon

Amaze is a graphical browser for Algernon. It is written in Java and interacts with the LISP environment. It was released in March, 1997 and so far has only been tested on Sun and Linux machines using Allegro CL v4.3. Amaze is loaded by "algy.lisp".

Amaze features:

To run Amaze, execute the function (amaze). Amaze has some built-in help files to assist you in navigating the knowledge base.

Using Amaze

When Amaze is running it is the frontmost process, so any LISP commands execute within its scope. This can cause problems during program development when a function breaks. If you exit from the break by doing a :RESET, it also exits Amaze and the interface is no longer functional.

A better way to handle a break is to find the topmost ASK or TELL on the program stack (use :ZOOM to display the stack and :DN to go down to the appropriate stack frame) and return a value, say T, from it using :RETURN.

Amaze could run in the background, but Algernon functions that ask questions of the user do not work correctly. LISP does not synchronize the input and output from multiple processes well.

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