CS 313k TA Homepage

Welcome to my brief homepage for CS 313k. Announcements, homework hints, etc. may appear here, but your best resources are Dr. Moore's page and the discussion group.

The class website follows. Officer hours are posted on the class website. http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/moore/classes/cs313k/index.html

Discussion Group

To sign up for the discussion forum, visit http://groups.google.com/group/utexas-cs313k-spring2009/.

If you do not have a Google account, send an email to your TA, and they can send an email to you that will invite your UTCS account to join. You do not need to join to read the discussion forum, just to post to it. That being said, we hope most of you will post at some point, so it is probably in your interest to sign up now, rather than later.

Exam Instructions

Midterm 1

Midterm 2

Lecture Files

It's important to note that I don't deserve credit for these slides. They were created by Dr. Moore. I just host them as a matter of convenience.

Lecture 07 Slides

Lecture 07 ACL2 file Copy and paste the text of this file into your ACL2s buffer to use it.

Lecture 08 Slides

Lecture 08 ACL2 file Copy and paste the text of this file into your ACL2s buffer to use it.

Lecture 09 Slides

Lecture 09 ACL2 file

Lecture 10 Slides

Lecture 10 ACL2 file

Lecture 11 Slides

Lecture 11 ACL2 file

Lecture 13 Proof Script

Lecture 14 Slides

Lecture 14 Proof Script

Lecture 15 Proof Script

Lecture 17 Slides

Lecture 18 Slides

Lecture 19 Slides

Lecture 20 Slides

Diagram from Lecture 21 Slides

Proof Script from Lecture 22

Lecture 23 Book Correction

Proof Script from Lecture 23

Lecture 26 Corrections

Lecture 27, Correction and Final Info

Lecture 28 Slides

Behnam's practice final

Various helpful definitions

(defun ordp (x)
 (if (endp x)
   (if (endp (cdr x))
     (and (lexorder (car x) (car (cdr x)))
          (ordp (cdr x))))))

(defun isort (x)
 (if (endp x)
     (insert (car x) (isort (cdr x)))))

Tips for Responsive Email Communication

  1. Use the class discussion group.
  2. When not posting to a group alias, ALWAYS begin your subject line with "CS 313k:", "[CS 313k]", or "CS 313k - ".
  3. If your email requires action (for example, a reply), place the words "- followup requested" at the end of your subject.
  4. Formulate your facts and question clearly. It's easier to address a concern that's clearly stated than a mess of words that wander only to arrive at half a question.
  5. Use capital letters to being sentences. Write in complete sentences.
  6. Address your professors that hold Ph.D. degrees as Dr. ___ and your professors that don't either as Mr. ___ or Professor ___.


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