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Welcome to my brief homepage for CS 352. Announcements, homework hints, etc. may appear here.

The weekly discussion session occurs on Wednesday from 3-4 PM in Painter 3.20. We introduce homework problems and labs, discuss questions from you (the students), and review test material. It is to your advantage to look at the homework ahead of time so you can ask good questions. It is to your disadvantage to wait until the last minute and rely on me to address your issue.

My office hours consist of Monday 10-10:50 on the 20th floor of the tower and the Wednesday discussion session. Please feel free to contact me and setup an additional meeting time if your schedule requires it or you need some random help. I am more pleased to help you when you have started ahead of time, but I'm around to help, so ask anyway.

The class website is: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/hunt/class/2006-fall/cs352/cs352.html

Goto http://www.utexas.edu/its/usenet/extnews for information on accessing the newsgroup: utexas.class.cs352-hunt.

Homework Solutions Discussion Notes

Test #4 (Final)

Date/Time: Tuesday, December 19, 9AM - 12 Noon
Location: PAI 3.14

Review Sheet

Test #3

Review Sheet

Homework #8 Hints

This assignment is relatively straightforward.

Homework #7 Hints

Here's a skeleton for one way of doing 64 bit multiplication. I have a complete version that does work, so it should be helpful. Feel free to send suggestions.64bit-mult.c

Test #2

Review Sheet

Lab #2 Hints

Homework #6 Hints

Dr. Hunt does a good job describing the problem. Partial credit may be awarded, but you're going to be in much better shape if you actually get it to work. It takes the grader 3 minutes to grade something that works as expected and 15-60 minutes to grade something messed up.

Homework #5 Hints

Homework #4 Hints

Lab #1 Hints

Test #1

Review Sheet

Homework 3 Notes

Question Disambiguation

Homework 2 Notes

Question Disambiguation

Homework 1 Notes

Question Disambiguation

Obviously, for any question that asks you to write code, you have to turn in a printout of the code.

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Tips for Responsive Email Communication

  1. ALWAYS begin your subject line with "CS 352:", "[CS 352]", or "CS 352 - ".
  2. If your email requires action (for example, a reply), place the words "- followup required" at the end of your subject.
  3. Formulate your facts and question clearly. It's easier to address a concern that's clearly stated than a mess of words that wander only to arrive at half a question.
  4. Use capital letters to being sentences. Write in complete sentences.
  5. Address your professors that hold Ph.D. degrees as Dr. ___ and your professors that don't either as Mr. ___ or Professor ___.


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