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Welcome to my brief homepage for CS 352. Announcements, homework hints, etc. may appear here.

My office hours will soon consist of Tuesday 12:30-1:30 (formerly 11:30-1:00) and Thursday 2:00-3:30 on the 20th floor of the tower. Please feel free to contact me and setup an additional meeting time if your schedule requires it or you need some random help. I am more pleased to help you when you have started ahead of time, but if it's last minute, I'm around to help, so ask anyway (I make no guarantees about replying except that I have a goal to respond within 24 hours).

The class website is: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/hunt/class/2008-spring/cs352/cs352.html

Goto http://www.utexas.edu/its/usenet/answers/offcampus/index.php for login and server information related to accessing the class newsgroup: utexas.class.cs352-hunt. You will need a USENET newsreader, like Mozilla's Thunderbird to read and post to the newgroup. Thunderbird is installed on the department linux machines and can be started by typing "/lusr/bin/thunderbird" from a terminal. Here is a short graphical tutorial on how to setup newsgroup reading in Thunderbird. Your user name and password can be retrieved from the first link of my paragraph.

Past Homework Grading Criteria Discussion Notes Homework Solutions

If you become stuck on a homework problem, and there is no clarification on this page, I recommend you look at the previous class's homepage. HOMEWORK HINTS (CS 352 Fall 2006)

Test Notes

Test #2 review sheet

Test #1 review sheet

Test 1 Distribution

Homework Notes

Again, see CS 352 Fall 2006 for a more comprehensive list of homework tips.

Homework #2

Here's a helpful template for 2.51 that Dr. Hunt gave me.

     /* Experimental Harness */

     #include "stdio.h"

     int problem_2_51 ( int k )
      return( -1 << k );

     #define K ( 2 )

     int main ()
       printf("Problem_2_51 for %d is:  0x%x.\n",
              K , problem_2_51( K )   );

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Tips for Responsive Email Communication

  1. ALWAYS begin your subject line with "CS 352:", "[CS 352]", or "CS 352 - ".
  2. If your email requires action (for example, a reply), place the words "- followup required" at the end of your subject.
  3. Formulate your facts and question clearly. It's easier to address a concern that's clearly stated than a mess of words that wander only to arrive at half a question.
  4. Use capital letters to being sentences. Write in complete sentences.
  5. Address your professors that hold Ph.D. degrees as Dr. ___ and your professors that don't either as Mr. ___ or Professor ___.


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