CS 352 TA Homepage (Fall 2009)

Welcome to my brief homepage for CS 352. Announcements, homework hints, etc. will appear here or in the discussion forum.

My office hours are scheduled for Monday 1-3 PM and Wednesday 3-4 PM. Please feel free to contact me and setup an additional meeting time if your schedule requires it or you need some random help. I am more pleased to help you when you have started ahead of time, but if it's last minute, I'm around to help, so ask anyway (I make no guarantees about replying to emails, except that I have a goal to respond within 24 hours).

The class website is: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/hunt/class/2009-fall/cs352/cs352.html

Discussion Group

To sign up for the discussion forum, visit http://groups.google.com/group/utexas-cs352-fall2009/.

If you do not have a Google account, send an email to me, and I will send an email to you that will invite the account of your choosing to join. You do not need to join to read the discussion forum, just to post to it. That being said, we hope most of you will post at some point, so it is probably in your interest to sign up now, rather than later.

Instructions on how to join a Google group and setup a GMail filter.

Since we filter the discussion group emails by list-alias, it is unnecesary to begin the subject line of discussion group emails with a "CS 352" prefix. That being said, placing the homework and question number in the subject line will make life easier for your peers.

VNC and Emacs for the Y86 Simulator


Lab2 Grading Rubric

Excel file

Example Y86 Simulator Instructions


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Tips for Responsive Email Communication

  1. Begin a personal email's subject line with "CS 352:", "[CS 352]", or "CS 352 - ".
  2. Send non-personal emails to the discussion group.
  3. If we don't respond within 24 hours, feel free to resend the message, as it's likely we either didn't see it or forgot about it.
  4. Formulate your facts and question clearly. It's easier to address a concern that's clearly stated than a mess of words that wander only to arrive at half a question.
  5. Use capital letters to being sentences. Write in complete sentences.


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