Research on Security

An Executable Model for Security Protocol JFKr

JFKr is a security protocol that establishes a shared encryption key between two participants. This paper briefly describes the different components of JFKr and the security property each component is intended to provide. It then describes an executable model, interleaving pieces of code to help the reader understand how the model represents the protocol specification. Finally, it presents some theorems about the model.

The contributions of this work include (1) an executable model for a key establishment protocol about which we can reason, (2) a model for an attacker that permits the injection, modification, and removal of messages between the participants, and (3) formalizations of a subset of desired security properties.

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A Methodology for Evaluating Wireless Security Protocols

This paper gives a brief overview of 802.11 b/g/a WEP, WAP, and 802.11i. Its purpose is to provide a structural way to think about a wireless security protocol and allows some room to dream about future implementations. It is coauthored with Kandaraj Piamrat.
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UT Hacker Case

In 2003, a UT student allegedly "hacked" into the UT system and obtained many SSNs. This paper discusses the legal issues invovled in the student's arrest and trial. Honestly, the lack of security on the system was just begging to be taken advantage of, but read the paper for an in depth explanation.
Supplemental Guide to Cybercrime


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