CS370 Undergrad Reading and Research: Game Design

Spring 2007, Meeting time Tuesdays at 7pm in ESB 332, Unique number 55052
Risto Miikkulainen
risto@cs.utexas.edu, (512) 471-9571
Office hrs: TBA, TAY 4.142A

Igor Karpov
ikarpov@cs.utexas.edu, (512) 471-9544
Office hrs: Monday 1:30pm-4:00pm, ESB 332

Brent Sheblak
Office hrs: Tuesday 3-4pm, Thursday 4-5pm, ESB 332

This course is a continuation of NSC309 Research Experience: Computational Intelligence in Game Design. Through independent research projects, the students will work together developing the NERO video game (www.nerogame.org) as an exciting game and as a valuable research platform for artificial intelligence.

The class will be 3 credit hours. The grade is based on the quality of your contribution to the project, documented in a report at the end of the semester.

More details:
Intro slides
The NERO website
Meeting Notes and Agenda (Wiki)
The NERO development wiki
The UTCS Neural Networks Research Group
Other class resources

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