Class Schedule

This page will gradually fill with more details as the topic talks and project talks are scheduled. Click on the title for more details, including reading assignments, descriptions of homework assignments, etc.

Date Topic Assignment
Aug 26 Intro to Neural Nets
Sep 02 Backpropagation Personal ads due.
Deep Learning
Sep 09 Reinforcement Learning
Evolutionary Computation
Sep 16 Neuroevolution Homework 1 (DL/Backpropagation) assigned.
Decision Making
Sep 23 Self-Organizing Maps
Computational Neuroscience
Sep 30 Brain Organization Homework 1 (DL/Backpropagation) due.
Cognitive Modeling Topic talk proposals due.
Oct 07 Exam Practice questions; Exam Feedback
10am CDT
Oct 14 Image recognition (Matthew and Serdjan)
Lifelong learning (Peter and Shiyu)
Oct 21 Explainability (Anibal and Sihang) Homework 2 (RL/Neuroevolution) assigned.
Policy-search RL (Caroline and Qiping)
Oct 28 Physics-based models (Reid and Shruti)
Neurosymbolic models (Wenxi and Yang)
Nov 04 GANs; Brain imaging (Sundara, Zachary)
Neuroscience models (Andrea and Nick) Project proposals due
Nov 11 Time Series Anomalies (Daniel and Gin) Homework 2 (RL/Neuroevolution) due.
Transformers (Kiran and Ojas)
Nov 18 Question answering (Jay and Samantha)
Multilingual NLP (Mengning and Shivang)
Nov 25No Class (TG)
Dec 02Project talks & Class Evaluation
9:00 Evaluating RelTanh Activation Function (Jay and Samantha)
9:12 Optimizing Image Distillation Models (Matthew and Serdjan)
9:24 Segmenting Astroglia from Images (Andrea)
9:36 fMRI Image Classification (Zachary)
9:48 Social Distancing Data on COVID-19 Predictions (Gin and Daniel)
10:00 Region-based COVID-19 Models (Caroline and Qiping)
10:12 Classifying Depression Biomarkers (Nick)
10:24 Coffee break
10:36 Music Time Period Classification (Mengning and Shivang)
10:48 Personality Classification (Peter and Shiyu)
11:00 SAT with Neural Intuition (Wenxi and Yang)
11:12 Solving Poisson's Equation with PINNs (Reid and Shruti)
11:24 Attention in Atari Game Models (Anibal and Suna)
11:36 Explainable Sentence Classification (Sundara)
11:48 Factual Consistency in Text Summarization (Kiran and Ojas)
12:00 Class Evaluation
Dec 14 Project papers due.
10am CST
Thu Nov 12 22:11:18 CST 2020