Discussion Notes

To foster your understanding and integration of the readings, you will be asked to turn in a number of "discussion notes " (see course schedule for due dates; the notes are due at 2pm). The discussion notes will be two-page critical commentaries on papers or lectures from the period prior to and including the due date. These notes should NOT be summary of what you have read or heard. Rather, they should be evaluative: what's right about the paper and why? What's wrong with the paper? What's missing from the paper? You might suggest an additional study/experiment/analysis that would help resolve the issues raised in the paper. Also, if you happen to know of literature from another area of cognitive science that was not discussed in class but that is of particular relevance to the issue you are addressing, you could discuss that literature, but again, the point is to evaluate and propose original ideas instead of just summarize.

Note that it should go without saying that the work you turn in for this class will represent your own efforts. Plagiarism--that is, turning in work that is not your own--will merit an F (specifically, a zero) for the assignment in question. Copying material from a published (or unpublished) source without proper citation and without the use of quotation marks constitutes plagiarism.

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