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Parallel Implementation of BLAS:
General Techniques for Level 3 BLAS

Almadena Chtchelkanova
John Gunnels
Greg Morrow
James Overfelt
Robert A. van de Geijn
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712


In this paper, we present straight forward techniques for a highly efficient, scalable implementation of common matrix-matrix operations generally known as the Level 3 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS). This work builds on our recent discovery of a parallel matrix-matrix multiplication implementation, which has yielded superior performance, and requires little work space. We show that the techniques used for the matrix-matrix multiplication naturally extend to all important level 3 BLAS and thus this approach becomes an enabling technology for efficient parallel implementation of these routines and libraries that use BLAS. Representative performance results on the Intel Paragon system are given.

Almadena Chtchelkanova, John Gunnels, Greg Morrow, James Overfelt, Robert A. van de Geijn, "Parallel Implementation of BLAS: General Techniques for Level 3 BLAS," TR-95-40, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas, Oct. 1995. Submitted to Concurrency: Practice and Experience.