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In the successful tradition of the madness of past Wild and Crazy Ideas (WACI) Sessions, ASPLOS again seeks to provide a forum for far-out, radical, and unconventional ideas. In contrast to the papers in the main ASPLOS program, submissions to the WACI session will be held to a much higher standard of novelty, and a lower standard of scientific proof. Accepted wild and crazy submissions will excel at highlighting interesting problems and novel approaches, but may raise more questions than they answer. They will supply fresh insights, unveil surprising ideas, and identify hidden trends. The underlying goal is to free presenters from the yoke of quantitative analysis, thus making it easier explore revolutionary (as opposed to incremental) research. Such revolutionary work should inspire the audience, rather than recommend a concrete design or solution.

The format of the session is anticipated to be a series of 8-minute talks, plus time for questions. Topics of submission are expected to be consistent with the mission of ASPLOS---pretty much anything in architecture, but with a special emphasis on the interplay between architecture and programming languages and operating systems. We explicitly decline to list specific topic areas.

Again, we are looking for new ideas, insights, concepts and problem formulations, not for definitive, polished answers to long-standing problems. While simple "numbers" are ok, speakers will have to convince the audience (and us) with insights that their forward-looking idea is good.

Talks will be chosen from one-page abstracts submitted as plain text or pdf file.

Abstract Submission Deadline:
Wednesday, August 4, 2004, 6pm CDT (no extensions)
Friday, August 13, 2004

Send submissions via email to

We look forward to your submissions!

WACI Asylum Superintendent

Steve Keckler

Wild and Crazy Henchmen

Steve Blackburn

Emmett Witchel


The Wild and Crazy Idea Session IV

held at ASPLOS-XI in Boston, MA

Tuesday, October 12, 2004