Seminars on Answer Set Programming

September 17, 2021: Vladimir Lifschitz, Integer Arithmetic in Logic Programming and in First-Order Logic, and Why the Difference Is Important

October 15, 20121: Michael Gelfond, Yet Another Attempt on Modeling Causality (joint work with Evgenii Balai)

October 29, 2021: Adrian Dorsey, Text2ALM with Xclingo

November 19, 2021: Adam Smith, Test Automation for ASP with Ansunit

December 3, 2021: Zach Hansen, Axiomatization of Aggregates in Answer Set Programming (joint work with Fandinno and Lierler)

December 17, 2021: Panel on Teaching ASP, Part 1
Michael Gelfond, Teaching Answer Set Prolog and its Extensions
Javier Romero, Answer set Programming in Practice; Potassco YouTube Channel; GitHub organization of the Course
Gopal Gupta, Teaching ASP

January 21, 2022: Panel on Teaching ASP, Part 2
Yulia Kahl, On Teaching AI
Adam Smith, Teaching Applied ASP at UC Santa Cruz
Yuanlin Zhang, A Logic Programming Based Framework for Integrating Computing and STEM Learning for Secondary School Students

March 4, 2022: Ly Ly Treu, Explanation Generation System for Answer Set Programming

March 18, 2022: Gregory Gelfond, Regarding an Action Language for Multi-Agent Domains

April 8, 2022: Vladimir Lifschitz, Translating definitions from English to ASP

May 6, 2022: Zach Hansen, Arguing Correctness of ASP Programs with Aggregates