CS 372 Operating Systems Schedule, Assignments, and Lecture Notes

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Reading assignments marked MOS are from Modern Operating Systems by Tannenbaum.  That text is the recommended text for the course.
Readings marked OSC are from Operating Systems Concepts with Java, by Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne.
Ranges do not include the terminating section, e.g., 1.1-6 is sections 1.1...1.5, without 1.6.
These assignments are provided for your reference.  You can read either MOS or OSC, both is probably overkill.  I recommend MOS, but either is fine.  In the MOS book, they have studies for Windows and Linux.  I encourage you to read this material, but it does not appear on the reading list.
The ppt files will be updated throughout the course, but the pdf files will not.

This schedule is subject to change throughout the semester. This web page will reflect any changes.