CS380L: Advanced Operating Systems

Emmett Witchel

Assignment #3


The goal of this assignment is to create a kernel driver.

You should implement the deliverables as laid out in your project plan.

You will have to submit a project write-up which contain the following.

  • Background of the project's goals (in slightly more detail than that expected in the proposal)
  • Overview of major design decisions / issues
  • Any important implementation tricks / hacks
  • Any major limitations of your implementation, unexpected roadblocks, and/or future improvements for your project.
  • Evaluation: This is the most important section of the write-up. Your quantitative evaluation, as well as any results and conclusions that you have reached.

    In addition to the write-up, you should plan on performing a brief live demo of your project.

    Please report how much time you spent on the lab.